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About Us

Farmtrade is based on the belief that agriculture and the trade as a whole can be streamlined in to an efficient, easy to use, one stop trading solution where farmers and traders alike can come together and do business in a safe and secure environment catered just for them. We are set on becoming the largest online marketplace for the agricultural industry.

What is

Farmtrade brings buyers and sellers together through an easy to use interface that features live map search, a watch list to save your favourite ads and compare them later, daily job listings with direct contact details.

Our commitment

“If the item listed does not sell in 59 days or more we will run analytical tests to first determine why the item does not sell. Reasonable adjustments to the ad will be done to maximise delivery and we will gladly provide tips on improving your listing on request. As a last resort, if the item still is not selling, there will be an auction held of unsold items to guarantee a sale for the owner, should he choose to participate, event dates will be available on and notifications will be sent out to all subscribers about upcoming auctions and what will be on offer."

The Farmtrade group is set on creating an all new market for the agricultural industry. We plan on hosting an event at the end of every year where we want to give recognition to individuals and organizations for their contributions to agriculture across their respective fields, including Best farmtrade seller of the year, best farmer of the year, best new innovation farming, highest turnover farm and best newcomer to name a few.

So please feel free to use for all your farming needs


CEO of Farmtrade commerce

Juan van Deventer